Professional Woodturning Artist Steve Stover welcomes you to his gallery of wood turned art.

I specialize in a wide variety of woodturnings including one-of-a-kind collectable art pieces, hollow forms, urns and bowls as well as functional art for your kitchen and bath...I feel every piece that leaves my studio, even if it is functional, should be able to be proudly displayed as a work of art.

You can email me for a custom piece.

There are a lot of people that do woodturning as a hobby...put side by side you will always choose the piece made by a professional.

I have created and shipped pieces to collectors all around the world, including the US and Canada as well as Asia, Australia and the U.K.  

Thank you for visiting my gallery and please return often as new pieces are always being offered.

You can also browse additional pieces in my Etsy Gallery.

S. Stover

New Pieces in the Creative Process

Will be added to Gallery soon

If you would possibly like to acquire one of these pieces prior to being added to gallery please email me and we can discuss. 

Hollow Form Urn

Ambrosia Maple

7" by 10"

Globe Hollow Form


11" by 11"

Hollow Form

Ambrosia Maple

14" by 8"

 Pieces Recently Added To Gallery

Hollow Form Grouping

Ambrosia Maple

Hollow Form

Black Cherry

 Hollow Form

Spalted Maple and Walnut

Hollow Form

Ambrosia Maple

 Hollow Form

Ambrosia Maple

Lidded Hollow Form

Spalted Maple

Acquired by S. Barr




Small Hollow Form

Black Walnut/Pewter

Acquired by E. Attenborough 

Pet Urn

Spalted Elm

Acquired by Elizabeth A.

Sunset Collection

All the colors of a great sunset

Cherry Burl Sculpture

"Sol Invictus"

Cherry Burl Bowl


Acquired by W. Chomko

Cherry Burl Bowl


Acquired by Visarts

Dusk Series

I believe I accomplished capturing the colors of that moment just before darkness by scorching the Black Cherry

Dusk Series Sculpture


Acquired by L. Cooper

Dusk Series Bowl


Acquired by C. Tilton 


Emerging Series

Illusion of items virtually growing out of the middle of the log

Emerging Goblet


Emerging Urn

Acquired by W. Chomko

News From Steve

Duck Unlimited Call
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This is a Duck Call that I donated to Ducks Unlimited to be auctioned off at annual dinner. The call was made from Black & White Ebony with a brass accent ring. I... Read More

Urns to Hong Kong
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Shipping these two Urns to a collector in Hong Kong…four continents down and three to go if you count Antarctica. Read More

Salvaged Cherry Logs
| |

Saved these Cherry logs from the landfill. They will make some awesome turnings down the road. Keep your eye out for them. Read More